Loris Bellini

Cutting Edge Sustainable Technologies for the Dyeing Industry


BELLINIThe key-factor of the world-wide success of Loris Bellini is the total focus on yarn dyeing machines for top quality yarns, tops and fibers. Loris Bellini S.r.l. is the Italian Company recognized since 1949 as a specialized European producer in engineering and manufacturing of innovative and cost-effective complete yarn dyeing/drying plants.

The company has continuously invested R&D for many years, to pursue the wonderful idea of a clean and safe environment: the Eco-Eco solution represents our biggest bet for the entire dyeing process today, as much as for tomorrow. High-end quality, cutting-edge sustainable technologies and very low running costs life-time are the main elements we firmly believe they will all concur to get the best economical performances, in the full respect of our ecosystem.
Our production line covers a wide range of solutions for all those demanding people looking for quality, reliability and state-of-the-art dyeing machines.
• New PULSAR yarn dyeing machine for packages. 70% savings of electric energy and 20 to 30% savings of water, steam and chemicals.
• RBNVI Vertical or RBNOI Horizontal dyeing machines for packages, loose fiber, tops, tow and beams.
• ARSPV Vertical and ARSPO Horizontal energy saving pressure dryers for the drying of yarn on packages.
• APPC Cabinet and ABEP Spray dyeing machines for the processing of yarn on hanks.
• AAM atmospheric dryer for the drying of mercerized cotton yarn on hanks.