Continuous Tumbler for High Quality Terry Towel


biancalaniOver the past 30 years, the name of Biancalani was closely linked to its Airo® brand, the name of a machine, transporting the fabric only with air, that has transformed the finishing process giving softness, volume, draping and special visual effects to every textile surface of any composition and weight. Among the products of this family, Airo 24 is a continuous tumbler in open width, covered by several international patents, that allows high efficiency, low maintenance and low energy consumption. In addition to all other fabrics, to treat terry towel of good quality with Airo 24 is the new quality standard, with nearly 70 machines installed in many countries of Europe, Middle East, Asia and America. The terry fabric treated with this machine gets inimitable volume and thickness, vertical loop and uniformity on both sides, unique softness and absence of pilling.

Producers and finishers of terry fabrics choose this machine also for the reduced need of chemicals and because the fabric well withstands the packaging and the industrial and domestic cleaning. The way the treatment channel is designed and the special handling of the two air flows allow an effective and rapid heat exchange between hot air and humid fabric, which reduces almost completely the need for air treatment recirculation. An efficient automatic filtering system cleans the treatment air and allows to switch from one color to another without contamination, increasing the overall efficiency and anticipating the drying time.

In addition to the new version of Airo 24 with new features, Biancalani presented Brio 24, a continuous relaxation tumbler using air and vibration for drying and active stabilization of all kinds of knitted fabric. This machine provides the production volumes of an efficient relax dryer without tension for every type of knitted fabric, and ensures the stability levels previously attainable only with conventional tumblers.