A New Line of Circular Blades for Chenille Machines


FALSETTIThe Italian company Falsetti is a manufacturer of high quality spares parts for textile machinery sector. Thanks to its proximity to the Prato textile district, the firm has developed a strong passion for research to improve systems for chenille machines, so that the quality of its spare parts and heads are already well known all around the world. The Italian firm has recently presented a new revolutionary line of circular blades, already tested, that can bring considerable advantages to the production of a high quality chenille yarn: the mechanical characteristics of the new blades considerably reduce the wear of the caliber. Compared to existing blades that normally require weekly sharpening, the new line of blades needs a monthly sharpening with raw thread, while with acrylic and cotton thread the sharpening during time increases, requiring sharpening every two months and consequently increasing the life of the blades.

In other words, users can obtain several advantages at the same time: the best cut, the best quality chenille yarn, reduced wear of the caliber, less need of sharpening the blades, and longer life of the blades.