ARC augmented reality to cut panels, checks and stripes, even on multiple plies. ARC by FKgroup is the union of various already known solutions that find their maximum functionality in the integration of CAD + CAMERA + NESTING + CAM.

ARC is the acronym for Augmented Reality Camera, in fact the system is a set of optical cameras, supports and DASforCut software that allow an operator to work in augmented reality.

ARC by FKgroup: technical details

The operator manages to decide in real time the positions of the pieces with simple movements (or with automatic nesting) depending on the assembly needs of the garment. Each positioning is immediately cuttable, because it works directly on the real panel and not on a simulation.

In the event that the piece files to be cut joints from any CAD do not contain all the information necessary for the processes and require other additional indications, the DASforCut software is able to generate internal contours, notches, reference points, meeting points, etc., all indications immediately available to the cutting process and that, if necessary, may remain associated with that piece.

In the case of multilayer, the cutting belt will be of the type patented by FKgroup Pin Direct®: this solution allows the application with pins directly on the cutting surface.

ARC advantages

  1. It is not tied to any CAD and does not require theoretical placements, only the correct pieces in the sizes to be produced;
  2. Intuitive for those who know the subject;
  3. Does not modify the shape of the models/patterns in any way (NO-BOW);
  4. Associated with Pin Direct® it allows multilayer cutting;
  5. It can work on single-ply, multi-state, static and conveyor machines and therefore does not create constraints on the type of cutting machine.