Baby and toddler data integrated into iSize


The body dimensions of babies and toddlers are now available digitally for the apparel industry. IFTH (Institut Francais du Textile et l’Habillement) and Human Solutions conducted a survey with 2000 test persons in France and recently integrated the acquired data into iSize, the international body dimension portal.

iSize provides access to sizetables, body dimensions, socio-demographic information, population figures and market shares. Using iSize, apparel manufacturers can increase their market shares by first reviewing their ready-made tables and their sizing and fitting market potential in real time, then interactively adjusting their size tables for all size ranges. In line with international standards, the innovative online portal guarantees the comparability of the serial measurement data of different countries. The portal also provides interactive practical data analysis functions for management, product development, sales and marketing. The new baby and toddler data can be used for mini-apparel, furniture and car seats — optimally improving the size and fit and the safety of children’s products. The results show that the children have grown larger and stockier, with large differences between the smallest and the largest statures within the same age group. However, there is little difference between the various small, medium and large types of figures.

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