Avant Guard Continuous Decatizing of Woven and Knitted Fabrics


santexDecatizing is a well-known method of improving dimensional stability and other physical features of woven and warp-knitted fabrics by use of steam and temperature. Santex (Shanghai) Textile Co., Ltd presented the new Decofast machine, assembled in the Chinese subsidiary of Santex Group. The machine is used for continuous decatizing of woven and knitted fabrics of wool and wool-like material. The continuous method has several advantages compared to traditional batch processing. For example the risk of sewing joint marks, wrap marks and colour differences are eliminated.

The Decofast uses steam pressures of up to 2 bar and temperatures up to 135 °C. The steaming, suction and cooling units of the machine can be controlled separately. In the main unit the fabric is led under adjustable conditions between a steel drum and a felt blanket, which is made by a special permeable material. After processing the finished fabric has an improved hand and look, as well as enhanced stability, drapability, tailorability and luster. The new finishing technology meets market requirements, where new types of woollen blended fabric are used, such as elastic fabric for casual and sportswear.

The Decofast has been originally designed and manufactured at SperottoRimar, Italy, a subsidiary of the Santex group. With the new assembly of the machines in Shanghai, Chinese customers benefit from shorter delivery times and better price/performance ratio, while the quality stays very high.