High Standards for Color Reproduction


TecnoramaDedicated since its founding to develop technologically advanced solutions, Tecnorama developed DOS&DYE Compact. It is a completely automatic system for managing and performing laboratory dyeing tests and for the creation of samples and relative recipes for use in production. It is composed by a Dosorama automated dispensing machine and a Dyrama robotized dying machine that have been awarded the Acimit green label.

The great reliability and reproducibility of results achieved leads to energy and water consumption savings and to faster dyeing execution times in laboratory work and subsequent phases of bulk production. This special system can be used to manage, in complete autonomy, all laboratory work cycles without any manual intervention, helping to prevent human errors during work processes. The DOS&DYE Compact features: automatic preparation of solutions using dyestuffs in powder; automatic replacement/replenishment of expired/exhausted solutions, with washing of bottles; direct dispensing into dye-kiers; robotized system for handling bottles, pipettes, powder dispensing containers (canisters) and material-holders; up to 24 independent dyeing units (20g, 100g, 200g and 500g) for the exact reproduction of bulk production dyeing cycles, with automatic execution on materials of varying nature, with up to 160 dyeing cycles in complete autonomy.

A DOS&DYE Compact system has been recently purchased by Pantone for the textile color production facility of its global manufacturing headquarters, located in Carlstadt, New Jersey. The system enables Pantone to increase production efficiencies while maintaining its high standards for color reproduction accuracy.