A revolution in metallised yarns


givitexLurex® FRPN, FRDPM is the most important innovation in recent years in the market of metallised yarns. And once again it comes thanks to constant research of the Lurex® laboratories and the willingness of the management to be always a step ahead in the fancy yarns market. It is a new, flat transparent or metallized polyester yarn with flame retardant characteristics which, in addition to offering a variety of creative possibilities thanks to its light, opens up for the very first time to fully certified (passing the French M1 certification) flame retardant technology, with all the associated advantages. For years, the market has been demanding fancy yarns able to give this guarantee and Lurex® is proud to be the first to offer this opportunity, especially in the furniture and technical clothing market which both feel, more than others, this necessity. Very soon this technology will be expanded to other collections of Lurex® yarns. Currently, in addition to the transparent color, the classic metallic shades gold and silver are available.