Ecology in the Deying Processes


tecnoramaDedicated since its founding to the development of technologically advanced solutions, every year Tecnorama takes part in the main international exhibitions all over the world. In 2014, together with the DOS&Dye Compact system, Tecnorama launched EcoDyerama as main innovation.
Dos&Dye is the appreciated and well known completely automatic system for managing and performing laboratory dyeing tests and for the creation of samples and the relative recipes to be used in production. It is composed by a Dosorama automated dispensing machine and a Dyrama robotized dying machine that have been awarded the ACIMIT green label, which recognizes positive energy and environmental performance. The great reliability and reproducibility of results leads to energy and water consumption savings and to faster dyeing execution times in laboratory work and subsequent phases of bulk production.
EDR is the new product coming out from Tecnorama R&D Center which can automatically analyse the quality of wastewater after each operation entailing the washing of textile materials during the dyeing process. Easy to apply, it can be used on all existing dyeing machines. It is suitable for any type of fibre and/or form of textile material and can monitor any type of dyeing technique. Water quality is analysed by means of a special optical instrument capable of ascertaining the presence of minimum quantities of dyestuff still present in the wash water (RGB technology).

Thanks to Ecodyerama it is possible to know, in a totally automatic and scientific way, when the dyeing process is completely finished in order to save a lot of water otherwise being wasted when performing unnecessary additional washes and to shorten dyeing process times, thus raising productivity.

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