Istituto Secoli

A Reference Point in Patternmaking


secoliFounded in 1934, the Fashion School Istituto Secoli has been the international reference point for studying patternmaking.

Istituto Secoli boasts fashion experts and fashion tutors, but above all a group of people united in a common goal: helping to realize the dreams of those who are passionate about fashion, helping them to design and create fine clothes.

Istituto Secoli believes that the success of a creative career in the clothing industry is expressed by the garments themselves, in the perfection of their creation.

The school aims at making great ideas meet with the reality of technology and market, in order to make them become real projects. Knowledge of the Secoli Method (which for more than 80 years has been synonym of quality worldwide) has made the 80,000 or more former Secoli students stand out as some of the best fashion professionals.