8th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference


The 8th Aachen-Dresden International Textile Conference will take place in Dresden on November 27th and 28th at the International Congress Centre. This year‘s partner country is South Korea, that is offering all participants a platform to explore opportunities for research cooperations and networks outside Germany. For the third time, the first day of the conference will also involve the IGF-ZIM transfer event “From Idea to Practice” organized by the Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V. Attendants will be introduced to selected successful products and methods developed in co-operation between researchers and industry representatives, and effectively realized by the industry. In the section captioned “Chemistry for Composites, Protective Textiles, and Textile Construction”, application-oriented polymer and fiber material developments as well as functionalization and coatings will be presented. Trends and recent developments for high performance materials, textile 2D and 3D reinforcement structures, simulation-assisted preforming/component production processes, and for the recycling of fiber-reinforced plastic composites will be the subject of the two-day “Composites” section. As usual, the second day of the event will offer insights into recent product developments of personal and technical safety applications as well as examples of textile construction by means of concrete reinforcements and membranes.