Two New Research Projects


The Human Solutions Group has launched two new research projects in which the virtual simulation of human beings will be used to gain new knowledge about body shapes and age-related changes in the human body.

Individual characteristics of body shapes in humans (morphotypes) have a decisive effect on the size and fit of clothing and the economic success of apparel companies. Today, morphotypes can only be determined by experts through visual, individual evaluation – and these evaluations cannot be reproduced. No uniform classification scheme exists – we only have different approaches with varying evaluation criteria. The aim of the “iMorph” project is to create automated morphological classification for individuals. These classifications will be integrated into the iSize international body data portal and used for case studies. This will expand the iSize analysis functions used for the development and optimization of sizetables and for determining appropriate sizes for individuals

The objective of the “Virtual Aging” research project is to develop software that will simulate age-related ability changes and individual ability limitations. The software will later be used in the virtual planning of manual work processes, e.g. in the automotive industry, and in product design based on digital human models. Biomechanical characteristics such as ranges of motion and speed will be addressed in the research project, together with sensory parameters like visual perception. The aim of the project participants is to build software solutions that go far beyond the capabilities of existing tools.