Try on Complete Outfits Without Having to Disrobe


A revolutionary dressing room uses augmented reality to create stylish outfits and share across social media. The first shopping mall to use such advanced technology, called Virtual Fashion Pod, was at The Galleria, on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, where customers lined up to “try on” complete outfits without ever having to disrobe. The Pod brings together the virtual and physical worlds by combining a life-size screen mirror which overlays the user’s image with incredibly realistic 3D renders of clothing. It enables users to quickly create outfits by mixing and matching a wide range of garments from the host’s inventory. Built by Engage Ltd, specialist in interactive technologies for branded environments, with Space3D in partnership to create the software, and Avantgarde responsible for concept and hosting, the Pod provides a fresh and exciting alternative to the traditional dressing room, engaging visitors and empowering them to shop at a higher level of style and trend setting. Furthermore, mobile engagement and social media allow hosts to further increase conversions through follow up marketing activities, such as sending users selective reminders about items they tried on and related marketing materials.

«The Virtual Style Pod is a ground-breaking way of providing an additional touch-point for brands to reach their customers and differentiate the experience they provide» – says Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage. «The experience itself could expand sales, boost revenues, and brand advocacy by encouraging customers to buy more».