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Sacconaghi Monaco, Italian historical company representing new machinery for the production of textiles and non-woven fabric, has specialized in providing engineering service for the transfer and relocation of individual lines, departments or entire companies, through the introduction of second-hand and well selected machinery, thus becoming a valid partner even on the foreign marketThe origins of Sacconaghi Monaco go back to 1890; the company operates in the textiles sector and, subsequently, also in the production of non-woven fabric and plastics, as Italian exclusive representation agency for new machinery. The main represented brands are the greatest names in the textiles area, including Monforts Textilmaschinen, Fong’s Group and Osthoff-Senge, while for non-woven fabric machinery the Truetschler Nonwoven brand stands out.

However, for several years, in order to meet the market’s changing dynamics, the Milanese Company has been including a wide range of services proposed to its traditional customers and new potential ones, confirming to be a valid partner also on the foreign market.

A very specialized and global partner

For more than ten years, Sacconaghi Monaco has been rewarded an acknowledgement among the major Italian textiles and non-woven entrepreneurs, not only in Italy but also abroad, through relocation /transfer projects of individual lines, entire departments or entire companies in China, Bangladesh, India, France, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Bulgaria, United States, just to name a few countries.

«Thanks to our engineering team, formed by highly trained and competent technicians – reports Chiara Cabrini, owner of Sacconaghi Monaco, together with her brother Marco and Peter Brena as well as safety and second-hand sales officer – we are able to provide an engineering service with very important references. FiberWeb, Niggeler & Kupfer Textile, Cotonificio Honegger, but also High Fashion Chinese Group, just to give a few examples, have come to us for the reorganization and re-equipping of factories, equipped with both new machines and quality second-hand machinery. They have found a partner with strong expertise back-ground in cutting-edge technology, thanks to our activity of reselling new machinery, but also with a good knowledge in existing machines fleet on the Italian and European market, always for the same reason. Consulting and engineering, together with the opportunity to offer a full fleet of second-hand machines, brought us in recent years to be much more active in this new business area, trying not to propose ourselves as pure dealers of used, “sold-as-seen” machinery, but as all-round service providers, starting from raw material: polypropylene short spinning fiber for thermobond, needlepunch, spunlace, that we buy from Abharris (Iran) and polyester fiber for thermobond, which we import from China instead. Nowadays, Sacconaghi Monaco is a reality operating in the international market, able to provide everything: from raw material to the start up of a productionline, and everything related to it».

Future is played on the ability to provide integrated services

The services offered by the company are in fact very complex and varied. They include selection, supply, installation and start-up of new machinery, planned maintenance and technical assistance in case of faults, spare parts, advice and management of individual lines and whole plants (engineering), raw materials supply and selection, but also supply, installation and start-up of second-hand machinery worldwide. Concerning this area, the long and in-depth experience in supplying second-hand textile machinery in hundreds of installations, enables Sacconaghi to support its customers in all stages: selection of second-hand machinery for textiles and non-woven fabric, dismantling, transport logistics management, full installation complete with interfacing, testing and development scheme, supply of spare parts, advice for insertion of second-hand machinery in existing plants that require modifications (engineering). «Unlike other interlocutors – explains Cabrini – we are not only mediators. The second-hand machinery we propose is all our property and is allocated in our two warehouses, both located near Milan Malpensa airport, ready to be dismantled, transported and re-assembled anywhere in the world. We also have some full productionlines, which can be viewed already installed and working at textile producers which are our customers».

In line with the tendency of containing costs as far as possible (typical of Italian textile companies, but not only) saving on consumption, Sacconaghi Monaco is acquiring new representations of paramount manufacturing systems for recycling and for saving energy costs (new generation boilers, water recovery systems, ecc.). «This additional service – underlines Cabrini – which we are proposing as utility and that meets today’s needs, is much appreciated by Italian companies».

by Maria Pia Longo

Chiara Cabrini, Pietro Brena and Marco Cabrini, partners at Sacconaghi Monaco

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