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For a long time Pony has been a point of reference at international level for ironing needs of dry-cleaners, packaging industries, hospitals, hotels, and industrial laundries. Operating in more than 50 countries around the world, it is now looking to strengthen its presence especially in the Americas, creating new and reliable machinery which is also easy to useIn the overview of manufacturers of ironing machinery, there is an Italian company which has a prominent role at international level thanks to its capacity for innovation and reliability of its products. It is Pony, a company with about sixty employees, led by the second generation of the Fumagalli family: Paolo, who coordinates the areas of manufacturing, purchasing, sales, supported by their respective managers; Antonella who takes care of computerization and administration; Stella who is in charge of marketing department.

Founded in the mid-Fifties for the production of small steam generators and ironing tables, among the first ones offering blowing technology on ironing boards and starting production of shirt-press mannequins in the Nineties, it now offers the market a wide and comprehensive range of products which meet the ironing needs of different sectors: from dry-cleaners to packaging industry, from hospitals to tourist facilities and industrial laundries.

The current plant in Inzago (Milan), which is spread over an area of more than 15,000 m2, 10,000 of which are covered, is equipped with all technology, equipment and instruments for the execution of the entire machinery production cycle.

Appreciated worldwide for their reliability and ease of use

Today Pony production includes various lines ranging from irons to ironing tables, from presses to mannequins, from cabins to toppers and shirt-presses. «The technological evolution of our machines – explains Paolo Fumagalli – is ensured by continuous study of new solutions, permanently assigned to four people, two from the technical department and two dedicated to research & development, while the subsequent design phase of the new product is followed by a large staff of engineers with technical equipment and advanced 3D simulation technology. Production is entrusted to the internal departments of carpentry, painting and assembly, up to testing stations before shipment. Our must is the quality control of our products which, just as our name implies, must be especially reliable, as well as highly performing. In this regard I would like to add that we have recently chosen to associate a pictogram to our historical logo in order to strengthen at a visual level the values pursued by our company and increase brand recognition: strength, power, lightness, freedom and vitality are represented by a galloping horse in a quick run towards a positive future full of goals, which we hope will be the future of our company».

Among Pony products with the most innovative and popular contents, we find for example the automatic ironing machines for pants and shirts. «These machines – emphasizes Fumagalli – have been designed to provide for the excessive costs and lack of availability of skilled labor. Their ease of use makes it possible to achieve good results, even by non-expert persons, after a quick training».

Pony machines are exported all over the world through a network of 200 distributors and agents in more than 50 countries on all five continents. 85% production is exported, with sales growth in the last period especially in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

In order to export to all major countries, Pony had to certify its products for compliance with European and international regulations, providing them also with specific approvals according to the places of destination and their regulations. «In addition to EC certification – says Fumagalli – with various Directives including EMC, a certification issued by Intertek from Udine, which meets the requirements of the European Community with regard to electromagnetic compatibility, our products are certified SONCAP, GOST, KSA and ETL, an electrical safety certification required for exporting towards the U.S. and Canada».

Latest novelties and future projects

The aim of meeting the demands and needs of customers around the world brings Pony to provide products as much as possible in line with their expectations.

One of these products recently proposed on the market is Pantamaster, a press with double horizontal board, specifically designed to iron both trouser legs at the same time, significantly shortening cycle times while improving finishing quality. Trousers are placed on the bottom board and stopped by a special device which secures the belt and, adapting to the size of trousers, it sets the pleats. It moves downwards along a rigid frame, on which the second leg is placed. The pressing of the upper board is adjustable and carries out the ironing phase. The particular shape of the boards allows setting the pleats up to the waist, avoiding the final touch with the iron. The machine, which has rather contained dimensions, can be used even by non-expert operators, immediately ensuring excellent results. This peculiarity, combined with greater focus on operator comfort, sets it apart from other products on the market.

In these days the Milan-based company is also presenting Eagle, a new shirt-press mannequin that comes in two versions: with electrical air heating, or steam. «This new machine – explains Fumagalli – has been designed to save consumption. We created and patented a system to recover the air directly from the shoulder-press; a device heated up to 150 degrees which speeds up the drying of the yoke, to convey it again in the air flow and dry the shirt. In this way, the incoming air will reach the ideal temperature more quickly and will allow quicker drying cycles for greater output, while drastically reducing consumption. All this ultimately results in a considerable saving of electric energy. In addition to energy aspects, even for Eagle we also paid close attention to ease of use».

Pony always looks after the transformation of international markets and is focusing on those who have a growth trend bound to succeed in the future. «We are working on a project – reports Fumagalli – which will lead us to improve and expand our distribution network in South America, especially in Brazil, a country whose market is significantly growing in recent years, and a new partnership in the United States».

by Maria Pia Longo


Pantamaster, the press designed for simultaneous ironing the two legs of trousers, significantly speeding up cycle times and improving the quality of finishing


Eagle(manica lunga) copia.jpg

Eagle, the new shirt-press extremely easy to use and which reduces the consumption of electric energy


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