Fulling Motor

Three Phase Brushless High Performance Motors


Cavallerino x vetrinaFulling Motor is launching two new brushless, three-phase motors onto the market: 57BLSH40 and 57BLSH60. These two products are increasing the already wide range of Fulling Motor BLDC motors. These squares, 57 mm motors offer torque up to 0.6 Nm and reach a power of 188 W.

Thanks to an optimised magnetic circuit and 8-pole construction, both of the motors offer torque values up to 36% better than any other existing on the market and in smaller sizes. Moreover, these motors have high radial and axial load ratings, reaching 115 N and 45 N respectively, and their special design enables improved control at low speed. Just as for the other products in the range, Fulling offers unique flexibility with axes on request, windings that are specific to requirements, cables and connectors and many other options. These motors are used in the medical sector, automation, the textile industry, paint distribution equipment, and other sectors.