Crochet Knitting Machine for Innovative Fabric


comezComez Testronic 1600/EL is an electronic crochet knitting machine for the efficient and economic production of a wide range of innovative fabrics for technical uses, home textiles (e.g. curtains) and outerwear. It features unsurpassed versatility, and is especially advantageous for fast moving markets with rapid design changes. The machine is able to produce bouclé, plain and openwork knitted fabrics, offering a dimensional stability, elasticity and output rate that cannot be matched using other knitting machines. It is fitted with 7 weft bars with electronic control and comes with a 1620 mm working width.  It can use both bearded and latch needles, and is available in gauges 5, 10 e 15 n.p.i. Thanks to the use of innovative electronics, the movement of the bars can be performed not just in jog mode, but also progressively and gradually, so as to facilitate yarn feed in the thread-guides, assuring better uniformity for the finished product.

For continuous weft movements or fabric patterns exceeding 150 mm, the machine can be equipped with the electronic long-shifting device DLT/EL. This device can control up to 3 weft bars, allowing for the production of fabrics with long weft displacements extended to the full working length, with the possibility of controlling individual stitches.