At ITMA, Tajima Group presented one of its spearheads in Europe and Italy: the TMEZ single-head machine. On this occasion, the Studio Auriga showroom in Solaro (Milan) was open to allow visitors to view the machines at their leisure, followed by their agent in a private and confidential atmosphere


Tajima is a Japanese company that produces industrial embroidery machines, distributed in Italy by Studio Auriga. A universe made of performance, technology, and continuous experimentation, which results in reliable machines designed for quality workmanship, and in a high profile after-sales service.

TMEZ Tajima Group

Target and services

The one between Studio Auriga and Tajima is a solid and lasting partnership between two businesses driven by innovation and a desire to surpass goals already achieved.

Studio Auriga has a close relationship with its clients, embroidery manufacturers, who take in the needs of brands and transfer them to their partner in the form of requests. Thanks to the constant collaboration with Tajima, these needs of the Italian market find a hearing and are transformed into high-tech industrial machinery: qualitative, reliable, high-performance, and versatile.

During the fair, the Studio Auriga showroom in Solaro was open to allow visitors to privately view all Tajima and GMI machinery for Italian customers, and to discover available embroidery and production management software, followed by their own agent and experienced Studio Auriga staff.

Studio Auriga – Solaro showroom


Products and Technologies at ITMA

At ITMA Tajima presented TMEZ, a single-head embroidery machine equipped with the i-TM (Intelligent Thread Management) system for intelligent thread adjustment, with the Coloreel device enabling automatic thread coloring during embroidery.

The i-TM system automatically adjusts the amount of thread and tension in relation to the type of stitch to be embroidered, which results in:

  • a smoother decoration process;
  • more uniform embroidery;
  • high final quality even with the use of different threads in the same work;
  • greater efficiency thanks to the saving of embroidery settings and the digitally controlled DCP presser foot.

The Coloreel device, mounted on the single-head Tajima TMEZ on display at ITMA, allows recycled Polyester yarn to be dyed and embroidered instantly, resulting in high quality, high-definition decorative results unique in color variety, resolution and brilliance.

It also makes it possible to drastically reduce waste and stock-outs, since the coloring takes place directly during the embroidery process, and it grants maximum performance through combination with the i-TM system.