The SeaQual Fibre, made by recycling plastic collected at the bottom of the sea, adds up to the number of innovating fibres originating from the sea.

Every year approximately 8 million tons of garbage ends up the oceans, with only 25 per cent of it remaining visible and easily collectible on the surface. The majority of it, 75 per cent, sinks to the depths and starts breaking down on the ocean floor releasing enormous quantity of micro plastics that then enter the ecosystem.

The Spanish company looked at plastic waste caught in fishermen’s nets and saw potential. Through a unique process, the SeaQual turns PET plastics into flakes and then converts them into 100% recycled polyester filament. The Seaqual Fibre has almost identical physical properties to virgin polyester and is available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes (continuous filaments and staple fibers). Seaqual Filaments can be used for a multitude of applications including textiles for fashion, from activewear to denim, to footwear and for home furnishings, automotive upholstery or non-woven fabrics.