PI Apparel

On the 11th and 12th October PI Apparel brings together the fashion, apparel and footwear industry in Milan, to discuss the challenges and technologies disrupting the industry, while exploring the strategies and technologies employed by some of the most progressive companies Worldwide.

PI Apparel aims to help visitors understand and explore more advanced, more collaborative and simpler digital technologies to ensure a concrete systems architecture is in place to proactively meet every brand’s demand. The event’s purpose is to equip people with the knowledge and necessary strategies and tools to support innovation for a more robust operation.

2018 themes include Digital Product Creation, AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning, Automation & Robotics and more. PI Apparel’s agenda provides and showcases stories and discussions around digital product creation, effective data management and smart innovation:

DIGITAL PRODUCT CREATION: Success stories and pain points of designing and developing within digital and virtual environments, from prototyping and modelling through to scanning and printing.

DATA MANAGEMENT: A system, process or operation is only as good as the data upon which it feeds. How can existing data management platforms be extended, improved and leveraged to better manage product information and new data forms?

SUSTAINABILITY: As sustainability transitions into the very make-up of how we approach the design and production of fashion, apparel and footwear, how can industry leverage technology to transform it into an essential strategic innovation tool?


PI Apparel: some of the sessions

  • 11th October – h 11:50 – room 1
    3D and Beyond – Creating a Whole New Fashion World
    Assyst – Human Solutions
    Speaker: Andreas Seidl, CEO, Human Solutions

The entire apparel industry is talking about digitalisation but clear strategic advice is rare. In this session, Dr. Andreas Seidl – CEO Human Solutions will discuss how the fashion process works today before exploring specific projects where Assyst has helped solve challenges for its customers. Andreas will pay special homage to 3D and show how it can work to accelerate design and decision processes, specifically to aid the faster production of the “right” products.


  • 11th October – h 11:50 – room 2
    Where Tradition Meets Technology – PLM Deployment at Salvatore Ferragamo Group
    Centric Software
    Speaker: Mauro Calderan, Global Supply Chain Project Advisor, Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo, iconic luxury Italian brand, is merging its traditional production processes with innovation, to ensure its product is in a constant state of evolution. The PLM deployment is one of its core initiatives: they plan to involve and optimise the most value-added activities, ranging from Design, Pattern Making and Product Development, through to Costing and Engineering. Calderan will share the project and the way Centric Software’s technology will enhance the capability of Ferragamo to meet their customer needs, reducing the product development cycle time and, consequently, the overall time-to-market. Collaboration, vision and clear objectives are currently driving the project towards success.


  • 12th October – h 8:00 – room 3
    Think Tank – Integrating 3D Virtual Prototyping with PLM – A New Challenging Approach to Ensuring Competitive Advantage
    Morgan Tecnica
    -Federica Giachetti, President, Morgan Tecnica
    -Christiane Wilms-Otto, Head of Quality Management Woven, Accessories, Underwear, Takko Holding GmbH
    -Armin Ackermann, CEO, Speed Step

The virtual prototyping process, as part of Product Development, is normally seen as an independent area, somehow disconnected from Production processes. But from the perspective of PDM and BOM creation, through to Retail Store Management, there are incredible practical and daily benefits in having a common integrated software organization which includes 3D CAD, PLM, PDM and several other optional modules.


  • 12th October – h 8:00 – room 5
    Think Tank – Why Virtual Reality is Becoming the Reality of Product Design and Development
    X-Rite Pantone
    Speaker: Tobias Rausch, Appearance Portfolio Manager, X-Rite Pantone

What if you could actually represent the physical truth of your product without ever making a physical sample? What if the specification of both color and appearance were detailed enough to allow manufacturers to begin producing products based on a visually accurate 3D rendering – from any angle from which an observer might view it? What if you could quickly and easily modify the garment or shoe to show different colors, finishes, textures and more?
In this Think Tank, the company will explain the future of color and appearance, why both are important and how VR can revolutionize the product design and development process.


  • 12th October – h 11:45 – room 1
    3D for Everyone – Addressing the Entire Value Chain from Creative to Consumer
    Gerber Technology
    -Christian Harris, ‎3D Product Owner, Gerber Technology
    -Michael Lock, VP General Manager, Digital Solutions, Gerber Technology
    -Michael Ernst, Professor Textile Product Development/Virtual Product Development, HS Niederrhein Mönchengladbach
    -Amnon Shalev, CEO & Founder, Virtuality.Fashion
    -Pep Torres, Head, Innovation, Happy Punt

3D technology promises vast efficiency gains in the design process and consumer shopping experience. Until now, no one has brought together an easy to use solution that addresses the needs of everyone.
This panel discussion will include existing 3D users, technology providers who support the creative design, pattern making and e-commerce platforms and the education and training to support the fashion value chain.
Gerber Technology will introduce a new 3D platform vision bridging the needs of the entire value chain, making the promise of 3D a reality.