Niggeler & Küpfer Textile

Niggeler & Küpfer Textile integrates Algitex – Principio Attivo


Niggeler & Küpfer Textile SpA (NKT), a company active in the field of textiles since 1876, has now integrated the business branch of Algitex – Principio Attivo Srl by grouping together Algitex, Principio Attivo and La Panamà – brands that have long been recognised for the high quality and innovative content of their products – and Sand, as of May 2, 2013.

Producing fine fabrics for fashion houses and for the most innovative of garment makers, these brands will allow NKT to further expand its horizons to the clothing sector. Its portfolio already includes greige goods and, thanks to a second and third divisions located in Italy and in Tunisia, yarn and finishing treatments.

The Algitex – Principio Attivo integration represents the strengthening of NKT on the market and adds to its range, offering a more complete and high-quality selection.

«We are enthusiastic about this new chapter in the long history of NKT. The merger of the three brands Algitex, Principio Attivo and La Panamà and the Sand line will allow us to reinforce our position on the market, improve our economic and financial results and strengthen the identities of each brand through new marketing activities», said Paolo Archetti, chairman of NKT.