New “NRG” Machine, Designed to Make the Difference


Flainoxflainox introduced the new series of garments dyeing machine NRG – “USK” version that stands out for: low consumption: -25% electrical power,  up to -70% water, steam and chemicals. Drum divided in 3 compartments. High speed centrifuge hydraulically balanced. Eco-level: function of filling at minimum level. Eco-rinse function: the cooling-down water from the exchanger can be introduced in the machine to take part in the temperature reduction and start the first phase of washing.
Industrial PC operating in Windows software and offering remote online assistance. Eco-shower: the bath/water can be re-circulated from the top of the machine directly in the drum allowing a further reduction of the bath ratio in the dyeing phase and an impressive efficiency in the washing phase. “USK” – Utility saving kit: it allows the monitoring of utilities consumption (steam – water – energy) and the bath depletion allowing the optimization of the dyeing and washing cycle in order to reduce consumptions and impact on the environment with consequent remarkable money saving. Furthermore, the kit provides all the data to calculate the exact cost of each dyeing cycle. Available in the atmospheric, 105°C and high temperature/high pressure versions (135°C). Very high recycle possibilities: after machine disposal most of the components can live a new life.