New crochet knitting machine


Comez CT-8B/600NET is a new crochet knitting machine specially intended for the production of a wide range of nets, fabrics with locked stitch, technical and medical textiles, both elastic and non-elastic. The machine comes in gauge 10 n.p.i. and with a 600 mm working width. Comez CT-8B/600NET uses latch needles, which render the machine highly versatile as they allow the processing in the warp – in addition to classic synthetic yarns (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene) with high thread counts – of natural yarns (cotton, wool) and special fibres. It is fitted with 8 bars with electronic control: 4 out of the 8 bars can create special weft and warp effects.

Thanks to the electronic drive of the bars several knit constructions can be obtained (open lock-stitch, closed lock-stitch, combinations of them, with possibility to work over 3 needles), giving the fabric a lock-stitch characteristic.

The electronic drive is also applied to the feeders and to the finished product take-down, thus allowing for different stitch density values (stitches/cm) on one single product, as well as different values for weft/warp feeding and elasticity.

Comez CT8B/600NET is fitted with the data control controller, that manages all necessary machine functions, monitors production data and allows for the realisation of lengthy pattern repeats: the number of lines for each pattern can reach a value that is just about unlimited.