Lap Formair technology for innovative products



Airlay technology by Cormatex, called Lap Formair H, in addition to excellent performances in terms of productivity, flexibility and quality of the final product, allows an extremely high versatility through the retrofit of existent plants, that can be transformed to produce innovative materials.

Thanks to the introduction of the Airlay Lap Formair H inside a traditional line composed by carding machine, cross lapper and thermobonding oven (or needle punching machine), a company can increase his range of products, processing materials that can’t be treated through the carding process, such as thermo plastic/hardening resin in powder, short fibres (less than 5 mm) or breakable and not fibrous products (pu foam waste, wood scraps).

Without changing wire and mechanical components, Lap Formair H is capable of processing quite different fibres, even at the same time, such as: wool (also recycled), flax, hemp (also hemp steam), jute, bamboo, coconut, tyre cord waste, paper and cardboard, carbon fibre, basalt, textile waste, metallic fibre, glass fibre, mineral fibre.

Considering the increasing importance of reducing the environmental impact of industrial activity, it is essential to exploit production wastes. That is why Cormatex aims to offer its clients, through a continuous and careful research, the possibility of giving “new life” to their scraps, creating products that can be used for automotive, building industry, as well as thermal/acoustic insulation, agriculture and home furnishings.