Management software Microsoft Dynamics AX


With over 15-year experience in fashion with its ERP and retail solutions, DataFashion has chosen Microsoft Dynamics AX as management software for the growth and success of its clients. Thanks to significant investments by Microsoft over the past years, Dynamics AX is today an international and flexible ERP, with large functional coverage and a whole range of integrated solutions (CRM, Business Intelligence, collaboration portals, Office applications and more). Through Dynamics AX DataFashion can make the most of its expertise on fashion business processes and rapidly bring value to customers in the management of retail, sales, logistics, product configuration and manufacturing. Main projects for DataFashion are at present Canali and Eden Park. Canali SpA, prestigious international brand of luxury menswear, is already using AX2012 for finance and logistics and is implementing an integrated information system, from manufacturing to distribution and retail, to streamline operations and improve performances. Canali already uses AX2009 in its subsidiaries abroad. Primary focus on retail for Eden Park, French brand of upmarket casualwear for men, women and kids, for the integration of its retail network – owned stores, franchisees and concessions and the e-commerce. Dynamics AX ‘omnichannel’ capability allows central management of the network, real time availability and consistency of information on sales, customers and stock, integration with tablets and smartphones for a personalized and efficient shopping experience.