Digital fashion products in minutes


OPTITEXAs fashion trends change, so does the pace of how brands and retailers address time to the market. 3D technology is enabling the fashion industry to do things faster and better, all while reducing costs. Product development time can be cut in half, decisions can be made across the globe instantly, and virtual samples mean a more sustainable and cost-effective way to view more styles, while saving fabric. 3D content is a visual asset that can be leveraged from product development through to sales, marketing and merchandising. Optitex’s new photorealistic 3D module lets you create a digital sample in the most realistic detailing possible with enhanced lighting, fabric details, textures and shading to bring your patterns to life with true-to-life 3D images.  Preview direct changes throughout the whole design and development cycle – including turntable views, created in minutes with the 360° Creator, and then share them across the board for sales, marketing and even e-commerce purposes. The company has even added a new feature for photorealistic logo types, including printed and applique. Speed up collection and merchandise planning and bring photorealistic virtual samples to sales meetings, use for e-commerce purposes, or even just internally to make faster decisions. There are endless opportunities to showcase full, realistic, true-to-life collections, in all styles and colorways – without even a physical sample.

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