Vivolo, important Italian reality in the industry of leather accessories, presents its creations for season SS2020 that embodies both the essence and passion for leather of the distinctive Bologna-based company.

VivoloIn the new collection, oriented toward the technical world, different elements develop along four inspirational paths characterized by urban mood and experimentations, along with classical designs and reflective elements: labels and patches, buttons, laces, trimmings, straps, zip pullers and small accessories, all show the greatest attention to detail so as to give value to the raw material.

Four inspirations for quality 100% made in Italy

The first one recalls the scenes and vibes of cities like New York and Stockholm, featuring minimalist, clean and modern lines and a calculated simplicity.

VivoloIn the second creative direction, eclectic and multifaceted, with very vivid colors together and unusual mixes of materials and processing techniques, silicon and its possible applications reach their peak, after years of refining, collection after collection.

The third path plays with the presence of unexpected reflective elements, matching them with vegetal leather, eco-leather and many other solutions.

Last but not least, the fourth path holds all of Vivolo’s calling for leather: the material plays a prominent role in unique and timeless solutions, featuring variations of the vintage style in which the company identifies its brand.

Vivolo: creativity, technology and sustainability

VivoloThe company came to be in Bologna in the 70’s as family business. Its distinguishing features are leather culture, quality craftsmanship and skilled cutting-edge technologies, along with an unceasing search for always new creative and technical solutions: all this brought Vivolo work for the most prestigious Fashion brands.

Vivolo’s approach includes not only a qualified in-house counseling on the production process, but also the safe-guard of its own intellectual property. The in-house R&D team looks after the development of each project; from the creative idea to the making of the prototype, they carry out a consistent work of study and research that embraces creativity, technology and sustainability, paying particular attention to raw materials.

From retanned to vegetal to recycled leather, from silicon to chrome-free antifading leather, each material undergoes strict checks in order to guarantee its compliance to rigorous quality and security standards. Recently, the range has expanded as a result to the introduction of a special 100% anti-fading suede: a unique item, able to prevent color dispersion against wear and washes.