Klopman will build a cogeneration plant in Frosinone


Klopman, the European leader in the production of workwear fabrics, has announced plans to construct a cogeneration plant for its Frosinone production facility. The objective is to replace the existing thermoelectric plant to supply energy to the entire facility within a year.

The main factors that have driven Klopman are significant reduction of emissions, lower energy consumption and greater plant efficiency, and the intent to continue on a path marked by the sustainability of the entire production process.

The new power plant will produce thermal energy and electricity at the same time. This way, almost all the thermal energy produced in the combustion process will be recovered and reused. Klopman’s new plant has been designed to modulate both the electricity supply and the thermal energy supply, to cope with changes in demand from the facility. It will allow a 58.9% reduction in carbon monoxide, 72.1% nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 59.5% of dust, as well as achieving savings of around 4500 tons of CO2 a year, according to the manufacturer. The company said that these results are fully in line with the emissions reduction and air quality improvement targets set by the Regional Plan.