Itema, one of the most important Italian textile machinery producers and specialised in advanced weaving solutions, announced the acquisition of the PTMT, formerly Panter, in business lease since April 2019.

The acquisition by its subsidiary Itema Tech S.r.l. allows Itema to expand its product portfolio by adding PTMT technology, with the aim of consolidating and establishing a new leadership in the field of technical fabrics.

The launch of Itematech, the new division dedicated to technical textiles, in the first quarter of 2019 gathered growing interest from weavers all over the world, the company says.

A wider know-ho and range of technical fabrics

Despite the difficult moment that the world economy is going through, Itema’s Board of Directors chooses not to stop investments, convinced that the only way to overcome this critical period is to believe in a future made prosperous by long-term strategic choices, Itema said in a statement.

The operation confirms Itema’s Board Directors intention to invest in the textile machinery sector, as witnessed by the words of Mr. Gianfranco Ceruti, President of the Board of Directors of Itema: «The acquisition of PTMT enriches Itema’s technological offer for weaving machinery, adding even more value to our company’s proposal to the market».

The Itema plant in Colzate (BG) was quickly equipped by the Itema engineering team for the production of the ex-Panter models, thus guaranteeing the high-quality standards of Itema weaving machines. «Thanks to the union of the two technological realities, Itematech guarantees the weaving of a wider range of technical fabrics – from carbon fiber to the coarsest and finest filter fabrics, to name just a few – and a wider know-how too» the company concluded.