Italian textile machinery returns to Indonesia


Acimit, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, and ICE-Trade Promotion Agency have organized two symposiums in Indonesia, specifically in Solo (11 November) and Bandung (13 November), at which some of Italy’s leading textile machinery producers will be presenting their latest products to Indonesian textile operators.

This initiative follows in the wake of the Sistema Italia mission during the month of May, in which Acimit participated, and which highlighted the interest of the local market for Italian textile technology. Indonesia ranks among the top ten exporters of textile products and garments, and among the primary markets for textile machinery. In 2012, Italy exported textile machinery to Indonesia for an overall value of 38 million euros (+30% compared to the previous year). During the first six months of 2013, Italian exports towards this market exceeded 18 million euros. The demand for Italian machinery in Indonesia focuses on spinning machines (40% of the total), followed by finishing machines (29%).

«Indonesia is one of our primary export destinations», comments Raffaella Carabelli, President of Acimit. «During the institutional mission last May, we were able to witness just how much the local authorities are committed to promoting the textile industry in order to increase their export production (currently standing at around 60%)». Over 3,000 manufacturers are operating in the Country (43% in the island of Java, where Bandung is situated) and 13% in the central area of the same island, where Solo is located. «Sales of Italian technology on the Indonesian market have grown over the past 5 years at a rhythm of 30% on average annually», states Carabelli.

The following Italian manufacturers will be present in Solo and Bandung: Biancalani, Bianco, Fadis, Mesdan, Pentek, Ricambi Tessili RI.TE, Roj, Savio, SSM Giudici, Unitech. In addition to the presentation of the latest technology offerings from each producer, b2b meetings have also been programmed with local textile manufacturers.