Italian Cutting Room Technology


morgan (2)On the occasion of Texprocess the Italian company Morgan has introduced a complete line of production, known as Fusion, because of the main peculiarity to merge in a single installation the different functional components: the loader with automated roll sequencing, the spreading machine, the conveyorized table, the labeler and the automatic cutting. Morgan two years ago  presented the concept of a modular and integrated solution with the Fusion line, that today has changed: worth mentioning the new design on the labeler machine Joker, characterized by soft lines and rounded hull, the renewal of spreading machines, now assisted by PCs with capacitive logic screen, with completely revamped GUI, programmable remotely or with only the swipe of a finger, avoiding paper and manual editing.
morgan (1)The automatic cutting NEXT series, model 70HM, specifically designed for cutting very hard and difficult materials, was practically tested in front of the visitors throughout the length of the show, successfully demonstrating all its potentiality, in terms of accuracy and speed.
It is important to mention the introduction of new software products that complement and emphasize the characteristics of the machines. Among all, a special mention goes to the new COP.NET, a smart tool, totally re-designed, to quickly process the production orders and get an optimized list of markers to be nested, rolls to be picked up and finally an optimized sequence of lays and relative spreading instructions. It is also very important to mention the Analytics, which collects and arranges in real time all the feedback data that come from the spreading and cutting machines, and provides, in a few screens, customized tables and diagram of the daily productivity and fabric usage, in order to monitor in real time the Cutting Room performance and any eventual critical issues, even from remote.

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