Increase the Dyehouse Productivity


Dos&Dye® is a completely automatic system composed by a Dosorama dispensing machine and a Dyrama robotized dyeing machine able to work autonomously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conceived and manufactured by Tecnorama, it can manage and perform all laboratory dyeing cycles increasing the productivity both for laboratory and bulk. In the laboratory, it reduces the dyeing trials to obtain the exact recipe thanks to the complete reproduction of dyeing cycle exactly as in the bulk machines in preparing, dyeing, soaping and washing.

The right first time result grants the exact recipe coming from the laboratory in order to drastically reduce the corrections after dyeing and the re-dyeing into bulk machines with a huge saving of the time dedicated to a production batch and the increase of the whole productivity of the dye house. Thanks to the optimization of production processes and to the overcoming of those limits inherent manual management of the laboratory, the system allows to reduce water and energy consumption for an environment friendly approach and for a considerable saving of time and money.