Il Punto

Embroidery that satisfies any need


Il Punto has been operating in the textile sector, specifically in industrial embroidery for 20 years.

Thanks to its experience and specialized staff Il Punto can satisfy any application and request of the customers offering a wide range of items: rayon, polyester, wool, bobbin threads, needles, special needles for cutting, nonwoven, felt, colored metallic yarns, emboissed foils for relief ,flock, satin, transfert coloured hot-fix paper, pearls, rhinestone, rhinestud, transfert tape, sprays (oil vass, adhesive, silicone, pulitex, etc.) and other items.  All these items can boast high quality and good price. Il Punto also sells software punch to create or change embroidery designs.
Il Punto has also recently introduced laser machines (including galvanometers) to cut or engrave garments, wood, metal, cloths and others. The company also offers a wide range of used embroidery machines, of any BRAND and with guarantee.

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