Airo celebrates its 25th birthday


In 1987 Biancalani introduced its finishing process Airo® that, thanks to its uniqueness and simplicity, this year has reached the stage of the 25 years of age.

Airo® Hand, the commonly used term to identify the result of this finishing, is synonymous with lived-in look, softness, volume and drape, elasticity, and allows an infinite number of results on fabrics for male and female clothing, for furniture and decoration, for many types of knitted, up to the nonwovens and the synthetic leather, with compositions of cotton, linen, silk, viscose, wool, acrylic and their innumerable mixed. All these applications are possible both with or without chemicals.

25 years after its presentation, Airo® discontinuous tumbler confirms its characteristics of a universal machine, extremely versatile and simple, that lends itself to new applications and keeps on being appreciated in each textile area of the world. A compelling and unmatched success. This global success has caused some forms of misappropriation of this definition by competitors and finishers. Biancalani has consistently invested in developing new technological solutions for the finishing of fabrics and knits, and after the launch of several different textile machines, has recently launched the continuous tumbler Airo®24, designed to offer the users a tool to replicate the infinite effects of Airo® but in continuous and in open width. With AIRO®24 Biancalani has reached the very important goal of reducing the thermal and electrical consumption for this type of finishing, by saving more than 30%.

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