Ideabiella weavers increased their 2015 turnover by 4%


IdeabiellaAs usually, during the last edition of Ideabiella, some facts and figures about this sector have been diffused. Thanks to Ideabiella weavers, Italy continues, for example, to be 1st place in the world in the export of woolen products.

According to a research carried out on a highly representative sample of exhibitors, in fact, in 2015 the weaving sector still registered a significant increase for wool fabrics production, as well as for cotton, linen and silk ones. Total revenues were up by 4%, mainly due to the positive performance of the Italian companies, representing about 85% of the 63 companies that took part to the research. The increase was in particular driven by exports (+ 5.2%). From the first time since the beginning of the crisis, Italian companies recorded a reversal of employment trends, with a 2% increase on their workforce. This positive result is originated by the continuation of the good performance of woolen enterprises, whose turnover increased by 4.97%, while exports showed a + 5.91%. The turnover (+ 1.29%) and exports (+ 2.33%) of the companies in the cottonlinen-silk sector was up, bucking the overall Italian data.