High Performing Large Format Printers for Excellent Results


ALEPHAleph Team has recently presented to the international market the two new industrial large format digital printers LaForte®Paper and LaForte®Textile, delivering  high performance and allowing the quickly creation  of high quality finished product  with precision. The two LaForte® machines are on top of their category and are becoming a reference point for the digital printing market for fabric and transfer paper, thanks to their high production capacity reaching a printing speed of 640sqm/h. The greatest benefit comes for all production companies, all over the world, which normally use digital printing exclusively for small batch, continuing to use the traditional printing with a considerable increase in costs. From now on, with the two industrial printers LaForte®Paper and LaForte®Textile they can take advantage of the benefits and innovation in digital printing for the entire production. Both printers are equipped with the latest technology noticeable in the ease of use, the convenient operation of large and heavy reels (up to 10,000 m in length and 180 cm in width) and the use of inks that deliver maximum resolution up to 1200 dpi.