Cormatex new Airlaying technology, called Lap Formair and available in 2 versions V and H, is an innovative system to make nonwoven products using virgin fibres, industrial waste and waste materials. The process combines high ecological value with huge economic advantages, with extraordinary efficiency:

  • manufacturing of green products from waste materials ready to replace products made of virgin fibres
  • reduction of waste materials to be disposed of in landfills
  • environmental friendly production (thanks to low energy consumption and no pollutant involved in the process)
  • huge reduction of production costs (thanks to the possibility of recycling waste materials, high productivity, low investment and maintenance costs)
  • extreme production versatility

Thanks to the excellent properties of thermal and acoustic insulation, of resiliency, of conformability, of mechanical resistance, non-woven fabrics produced by Lap Formair can be used in many sectors, such as: building construction, automotive industry, furniture, mattress production, clothing and footwear, leather goods, crafts, technical composites, agriculture, geotextile. Among the materials which may be employed, there are: all vegetable fibers (kenaf, jute, hemp, flax, sugar cane); mineral fibers (glass, carbon, basalt); processing waste and waste of skin, clothing, furniture and carpets; wood; waste of tires; recycled paper and cardboard.