In the nonwovens sector the Brückner portfolio comprises all types of application systems, thermal treatment lines, dryers as well as cutting and batching units. Recently Brückner has presented the new developments and improvements in the field of belt dryers, a type of dryer which gained compared to conventional drum dryers more and more acceptance in the last years. The design of the high-performance dryer Supra-Flow BH, which had been particularly developed for the air-through drying of light hydroentangled nonwovens, has been optimized. This type of dryer is characterized by its particularly high evaporation capacity, a high energy efficiency, the gentle material transport and an excellent drying homogeneity. It is thus clearly more than an alternative for the use of an air-through drum dryer and offers many benefits for the user. Another new development is the Supra-Flow BE-ADL belt dryer developed for ADL products for thermo-fusion of card nonwovens. In the design of this dryer particular attention was paid to a gentle fabric transport, a high temperature accuracy and a precise air control. The air circulation in this dryer follows also the air-through principle. Particularly in case of lines with large working widths Brückner gained a very positive reputation in the last years. Many very large lines are in operation worldwide, the largest has a working width of more than seven meters and has been designed for the heat-setting of geo nonwovens.