The First Visual Collaboration App for the Fashion Industry


O/CloudEFI Optitex announced the launch of «O/Cloud Collaborate», the first Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offering visual collaboration specifically geared to the fashion industry. The Solution leverages a photorealistic 3D viewer, and streamlines collaboration across the global supply chain.

Through a secure cloud-based environment, O/Cloud Collaborate allows designers, technical designers, pattern makers, and other stakeholders at brands’, vendors’ and sourcers’ to share and visually collaborate on product development samples, and related documents and images. This enables retailers, brands and vendors to dramatically shorten their product development calendar, make product decisions earlier, as well as develop better products, as more design iterations can be made in a fraction of the time. Having an updated, centrally stored single version of the truth (SVOT) for product development, along with a photorealistic digital view of how garments will look and act, allows for issues to be easily identified as well as design ideas to be addressed and implemented before physical samples are ever produced.

«Often, the parties involved in the design and development process are scattered around the world, making the meeting of tight timelines a particular challenge», said Asaf Landau, EFI Optitex’s VP/GM. «This new visual collaboration platform cuts development times by many weeks, allowing the world’s leading retailers and brands to design better products… faster».

Guy Alroy, EFI Optitex’s Head of Products added that «having this platform directly integrated with the CAD authoring tools, allows users to be incredibly efficient in exchanging ideas and comments, speeding up the decision-making process and thus the time to market».