ETV: efficiency in process controls, advantages for the textile industry


The company ETV, Elettronica Tessile Varese Srl, is pursuing a fundamental value for over fifty years: its experience gained by its contact with  the worldwide reality of manufacturing to solve any proplem raised in the textile sector in a targeted and accurate manner.

The ability to turn its know-how in innovative devices of high technology is its feather in the cap. Thanks to the good confronting with a large part of the textile machinery manufacturers, ETV has continously updated its decades of experience, and nowadays develops and produces automatic electronic devices, complete with software, that are capable to increase and to ensure a better efficiency in the textile production over time.

First of all for ETV efficiency means increase of production. By installing its complete control system “Sfera Plus”, you will really increase the quantity of treated product, with the same amount of time, and with lower costs.

But efficiency is also reflected into energy savings.  The elimination of the stages of reprocessing, will allow to optimize the functioning of the machines,  ensuring a considerable reduction of the energy consumption.

Finally, for ETV the efficiency is measured on the impact of the end product. The constant monitoring of factors such as the residual moisture content, the fabric temperature, and the absolute air humidity during the various production stages, will allow you to obtain a much better product.