Easy to Use, Perfect for Small Productions


From Metalmeccanica, a bench machine that creases the pockets to apply to the clothing. Versatile, economical and provided with universal pocket jaws to crease any model and/or size with the simple replacement of a few accessories. Easy to use, indispensable for small productions where precision and quality is needed. Equipped of separator and steam trap, it must be connected to a source of steam, but it can also be used dry.

Specifications PT093-metalmeccanica-pt09_2015-29

  • Pneumatic work, electric heating, creasing by steam
  • Adjustable time of steam, temperature and cycle working.
  • Possibility to work without steam.
  • Economic machine and easy use.

Optional: Kit for the production of the forms of pocket.

Technical data: Voltage 220 V monofase – Compressed air supply 8 bar – Electrical power 1,6 Kw – Steaming plate resistance power 1600 W – Air consumption per cycle (6 bar) (*) 30 NI – Working pressure 6 bar – Average production 200 pcs/h (*) – Processing cycle (**) 15 s (3/4 pockets/min) – Net weight 45 Kg – Dimensions 40x45x25 cm – Min./max. pressing pocket measurements 5×8 – 20×20 cm.

(*) Calculated with a processing cycle of 15 “.  (**) It depends on the laboriousness of the charged operator.  The company reserves the right to modify the machines without any prior notice.