Customized Solutions and Highly Flexible Organization


2-fkgroup-super-jeans-_v3Customized solutions are part of the strategy strongly needed to address specific requirements in a global economy. This approach requires the capability to study individual needs and offer made to measure answers to manufacturers that share that vision and progressive belief. To be able to offer customized solutions, a highly flexible organisation is a must, involving human resources, the ability to design, programme and reorganise the entire industrial process. FKgroup, since the beginning, shared this philosophy and made it a winning characteristic acknowledged across the industry: projects like the 320 cm and 400 cm wide automatic cutters, the special cutter for composites, the dedicated 300cm and 320 cm spreading machines combined to fabric suspension systems designed for home textiles, the stabilisation and relaxation unit for stretchy fabrics are just a few examples of successful projects. FKgroup, thanks to the organizational flexibility and the vast experience of its designers and development engineers gained over its long life span, can solve particular problems by devising a personalised solution for the customer searching for innovative processes involving special machinery.  To further this objective, FKgroup has just recently ventured in a huge investment for the opening a new production unit in Osio Sotto, Bergamo.