Easier decatising of fabric


martinMartin Group, Italian company, world leader in fusing and thermoprinting machines production, has introduced a new accessory, the form SP 1600 to be combined, particularly, to the model Open Top 160/180 or X1600. It consists of a modular system, completely electronic, to unwind and rewind the whole roll of fabric. This accessory is particularly useful when the decatising of fabric must be effected before fusing process or when it is needed to fuse the whole roll of fabric with interlining before cutting process.

Very often both process (decatising and whole roll fusing) are made from the fabric producers or external laboratories; this new accessory allows the end user to make both operations in his factory. Service given to customers, with this kind of machine, becomes more complete and competitive.

A PLC manages all the functions also synchronizing the speed of the carrying out to the speed planned on the fusing machine, also checking the alignment of external selvages.

The form SP 1600 is set on wheels and therefore easily detachable so that it is possible to use the fusing machine, the OPEN TOP 160/180 or X1600, in traditional way simply getting further the form SP 1600.