E³ Means Zero Waste


3-saurer-fig1_autoconer-6-zero-waste_18x13Energy, raw materials and personnel – each of these resources costs money, is in short supply and therefore needs to be used economically and efficiently. The desire to minimise resource consumption has caused all sectors to rethink their priorities. Sustainability is in demand and the new target in the textile industry and elsewhere is: zero waste. With its E³ strategy, Saurer has been moving consistently in this direction for some years.The target of zero waste in the winding process is realised by the Autoconer 6 more effectively than any other automatic winding machine. It consumes up to 20 % less energy than its predecessor, reduces yarn waste and saves on compressed air. The Autoconer 6 is the result of a development philosophy that began with the Autoconer 338 – the systematic reduction of resource consumption in each new model. With its E³ concept, Schlafhorst consistently exploits potentials to achieve feasible savings. The key variables on the route to zero waste are: volume of yarn waste, energy consumption, compressed air consumption and personnel input. The E³ development philosophy of Saurer also has the aim of saving resources in downstream processes.

  • Zero yarn waste
  • Zero energy waste
  • Zero wastage of compressed air
  • Sensitising personnel to the idea of zero waste
  • Zero waste – sustainability and efficiency

The Autoconer 6 offers an array of technological solutions that bring the industry a step closer to the target of zero waste. And Schlafhorst continues to work intensively on this issue since the various aspects of resource consumption are increasingly significant factors in purchasing decisions and have immense importance for the day-to-day use of textile machinery.