Decoration on Premium Leather and Alcantara for Interior, Textile and Fashion Sectors


Tajima TajimaNeedle breakouts, faulty perforations, constant crochet change and machine malfunctions. When working fine materials such as leather and laminated hides, with threads whose thickness is 10, 15, 20, it is always a challenge.

Innovative solutions to these daily dilemmas come today from the Tajima technology, the global leader in industrial embroidery, exclusively distributed by Studio Auriga. Embroidery head, perforation head, engine and frame have been completely redesigned for use with thicker fabrics and threads.

In particular PAX, the new Tajima model, can benefit from the iperamortization promoted by the 4.0 Industry Plan and is able to sew, embroider and perforate leather, Alcantara and laminated hides. Also, in addition to the normal embroidery head, it is equipped with a special punching head to perforate the material put on the frame thanks to punches of a different diameter. Perforating, sewing and embroidery take place without ever moving the material from the worktop. This allows the user to reach unprecedented levels of precision.

The investment for this technology will be greatly rewarded by the efficiency it is possible to achieve from combining all the decorative operations into a single machine.