Tecnomeccanica Biellese

Customized Solutions for the Preparation and Blending of Fibres


tecnomeccanica bielleseBorn in 1968 by the genius of its founder Giuseppe Ploner, Tecnomeccanica Biellese is a worldwide known company that stands out in planning and construction of machinery for preparation and blending of textile fibres.
The company satisfy any customer needs thanks to its technical and developmental department, made of people that constantly search the best customized solution in order to meet any necessity of the client.

Cooperation of them with production department, that is equipped with the most modern, fast and versatile machinery, guarantee the best result in every situation.
Tecnomeccanica Biellese is today competitive in the market because it can guarantee product quality together with tempestivity and versatility of service for the customer. All this will be shown in Milan during ITMA 2015.
The automatic plant for fiber preparation and feeding cards, is composed of:
• Bale Breaker.
• Mechanical Condenser feeding Carding Willow.
• Carding Willow.
• Blending Bins with automatic Bin Emptier.
• Mechanical feeding system for Bins, with oiling applicaton.
• Distribution to the Storage Bins, with mouving belt system.
• Automatic card feeding with emptiers.
• Centralized filtering station for dusty air.
Every Plant is customized , designed, and built accordingly. Plants can also work lots that varies from a min. of 50 Kilos (for instance valuable yarns) up to big lots that can reach 2 Tonns.

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