Constant Research in Digital Textile Printing


With the growing quality and capabilities of digital textile printing solutions available in the marketplace today, digital printing on a wide range of fabrics is gaining broad acceptance across a number of markets including fashion. Mimaki, represented in Italy by Bompan, offers solution to satisfy all needs.

The sublimation printer TS500 –1800 is capable of printing at 150 m2/hour on transfer paper and produces brilliant colour for apparel and soft signage. It uses newly developed six printheads with three staggered, and can accept rolls of media up to 60kg and 300mm, improving productivity by eliminating the need for frequent media changes. Sublimation ink Sb300 ink offers an affordable price, dries quickly and is available in six colours (Bk,Bl,M,Y,Lbl,Lm).

The JV300 – 130/160 is compatible with solvent and water – based sublimation inks, and provides a wide range of applications, with output at up to 105, 9 m2/hour using brand new inks and printheads. Sb53 water-based sublimation inks for printing on textiles allow to produce bright colors and enable high-density printing. The ideal print material is polyester, which is used for apparel fabric, sports uniforms and swimsuits.

The Mimaki TS34-1800A, designed specifically for the sublimation printing market, is unique for its high velocity, 32 sm/h in 190 cmm format; perfect for personalization of sports apparel, where is especially spread transfer printing. It is very productive because it is equipped with uninterrupted Ink Supply System (UISS). This system allows for continuous printing in 4-colour mode. When one ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge of the same colour begins supplying ink. Ink cartridges can be changed during printing.

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