Computerized Knitting Machines


SHIMA MACH2XS153A prominent market for Shima Seiki computerized knitting machines with both an established export base to Europe as well as a growing domestic market, Turkey is proving to be a high-potential market for the company’s WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology. At ITM 2016, Shima Seiki exhibited a wide range of its products, including new proposals in seam-free WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology that offers an alternative to labor-intensive manufacturing in international markets. Featured is the flagship MACH2XS WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine with original SlideNeedle® on four needle beds and spring-loaded moveable sinkers, as well as the compact SWG091N2 for producing smaller WHOLEGARMENT® items and accessories. Novel proposals in knit-weave hybrid fabrics will be made on a pair of SRY machines featuring specialized loop presser beds. The SVR workhorse series, touted as the industry benchmark for shaped knitting, will be shown in a variety of gauges, while the SSR series offers industry-leading technology in an economical package. SCG122SN will round out the flat knitting machine lineup with specialized coarse gauge knitting. Shima Seiki’s SIP-series inkjet printing machine will also demonstrate high-speed high-quality printing directly on fabrics and even finished goods.