Cariaggi keeps on investing in technology


Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection, leading manufacturer of hi-end yarns, keeps on working in its strategy based on investing in technology with two important projects: Digital Yarn and the eBiz initiative. Digital Yarn Project has been developed in partnership with Shima Seiki Italy, with the goal of providing Cariaggi customers that use the Shima System with color folders in digital format. The project entails the scanning of the yarn with a Epson scanning machine – using Proper Gauge, an instrument engineered by Shima Seiki – and its elaboration through software in order to create color variations. Cariaggi technicians carefully monitor Shima scans in order to guarantee the most accurate reproduction of colors possible. Thanks to Digital Yarn, Cariaggi customers will have the possibility to consult the color folders of the most representative yarns in an easy, fast and immediate way. EBiz is a European initiative aiming to create a common electronic digital language for all the companies involved in textile and apparel production and supply chain. The idea is to integrate and optimize communication by increasing the amount of data that can be exchanged between suppliers and buyers without the hassle of having to constantly update the company software. The introduction of eBiz helped eliminating the use of fax machines for production instructions and reduced phone usage and e-mails by 95% for communicating planning modification to third parties. The reduction in management costs has been estimated in 30% of the time needed by planning and programming operators. Further more, thanks to eBiz Cariaggi eliminated transcription errors when transmitting information to the systems of partners, reducing by an outstanding 95% delays on deliveries and increasing of about 25% efficiency in management, planning and production control.