Boldness and Experimentation Mark F/W 2015-16

Two intimate perspectives of the human soul are revealed in F/W 2015-16: force and sobriety typical of the masculine side of one's personality vs. an impulse to “think grand”, touching a spectacular nature

According to the Directions of Milano Unica boldness and experimentation will characterize F/W 2015-16. Created for a public of textile producers, designers, product experts from the fashion houses and style studios on both the domestic and international level the presentation of the directions, held in Milan, has a pivotal role for the success of textile-accessory production. «It increases dialog between the two main Fashion players, producers of top-end materials and the vast, varied world of designers. Above all, because it offers the opportunity to create a common vision and feeling between two industries that represent the strong point of our country», proclaimed Antonella Martinetto, President of Moda In.

1a uslenghiIn addition to recognized international qualities, Italians have often been accused of individualism: even under this profile, we will be trendy for Fall/Winter 2015-16. The season will be marked by healthy individualism, with a strong sense of personal, where the spirit of each individual will be able to thrive using experimentation and daring. «Fortune favors the bold», as Angelo Uslenghi, Milano Unica trend expert reminded, «yet without the courage to dare and make progress, there will be no boldness or self-expression and research on one’s particular style. By banning uniformity, the Italian and European textile-accessories industry can provide  instruments to dare with determination, being able to astound and dazzle with color and brightness, portraying one’s personality in a cosmic utopia, without indulging in superfluous or excessive details».

The value shared by both the Directions will be: self-expression….”because I am worth it”.

There are two guidelines: on one hand, an atmosphere of force and sobriety typical of the masculine side of one’s personality, on the other hand, an impulse to “think grand”,  touching a spectacular nature. Thus the themes of the season are Masculine Aura and Grand Vision.

Colors feature 26 tones divided in four ranges: Frozen, digital, eclectic, contemporary.


F/W 2015-16 season will focus on…

  • Daring material mix: lace/neoprene, mohair/crystals, melton/vinyl.
  • Color flash with thermo-pigmentation, intarsia, ribbon trim.
  • Density from felting, bonding with membranes, resins.
  • Brilliance with plasticized, laminated, crystallized surfaces.
  • Structures in motion: radial quilting, progressive crinkling, curved pleating.
  • Accessories: blending of natural and super-tech components.